Curry Worry Ninja Noo

Hana & The Hairy Bod Rapper

Relatable, exciting, funny and warm – such a clever book tapping into the lived experiences of us who have had ‘curry worry’ and turning that into a positive – love it!



Bought this book for my mixed race children, as their Indian grandmother always makes the tastiest curries. I love how the book turns an old cultural stigma on its head and teaches children that smelling of curry is something to be proud of. It tells a really fun and colourful story that shows there is sometimes more to people than meets the eye and not to judge adversely. A fantastic and fun gift for young ones of any ethnicity.



We from the subcontinent all felt self-conscious about smelling of wonderful cooking when much of the food cooked in Britain was so bland! This dispels the myths and allows the reader an understanding of the culture and freedom to be “us”!!


A fabulous book, well worth a read! It’s so lovely to see a book which is celebrating Asian cuisine, family and adventure. I adore the smell of spices however as a a child growing up would often feel self conscious of the smell on my clothes. But do I care now, absolutely not!! Any book that embraces this message of being proud of their roots and culture gets a big thumbs-up from me! My kids love the story, the crazy and wonderful nanna, the beautiful pictures and mostly the fact they can relate to the characters in this story…We want more books like this!


This is such a clever little book. My children and I marvelled at the transformation of Ninja Noo from loving granny to fearless fighter and catcher of baddies armed with her variety of spices! Having grown up in an Indian household I loved how positively and fun the indian cultures of cooking, smells. colours and saris were embraced! Such a novelty of a book- haven’t seen anything like it on the children’s books shelves and I’ve been looking for a while!


Great book which the kids loved, challenging everyday issues in a really fun way


Hana & The Hairy Bod Rapper is a beautiful and fun book with a wonderful message at its heart – our kids loved it! A fantastic way to give kids positive vibes about body image!



Such a positive and encouraging message for young girls of all backgrounds being told in this book. As the father of a 7 year old, half Asian daughter (who already has hairy arms), it’s so important for her to have books with characters that she can see herself in, to give her the confidence to be proud of how she looks. My daughter loves this book and can’t get enough of me reading it to her, so I can’t recommend it highly enough.



Another fabulous children’s book with a strong message promoting body positivity. I shall be using this book as a stimulus with my class in a PHSE session about body image. Fabulous language used throughout , a high quality text which captures a range of children of all ages and backgrounds! Would highly recommend



It’s so important for children from all walks of life and all races to be able to see themselves reflected in the characters they read about . I loved that the main character here was brown which is somewhat of a rarity even today. Even without this I would wholeheartedly recommend this book to all little children. It’s underlying simple positive message is wrapped up in such endearingly elegant and joyful rhymes. You can’t help but smile and cheer when reading it. There’s def a little bit of Hana in all of us! My boys loved it.



Such a fantastic concept, to help promote positive body image in children and so beautifully written and articulated. Great illustrations to add!



A beautiful book with such a powerful message at its core. The rhymes and illustrations are simply magnificent! My kids adore it! If only there were more books like this when we were growing up!



What a brilliant way of encouraging children to love every bit of their unique selves. So clever! My grandchildren adored it.



This book is a breath of fresh air. Such a fun read, my daughter made me read it again and again. So refreshing to see a children’s author embrace the message of body image positivity. Highly recommended.


The Fantastic Flowbottoms

A truly fantastic read and such a clever concept! My little ones have never been so excited about swabbing themselves!!



What a refreshing children’s book! Such joy and humour on every page . The author has created such colourful characters on such a purposeful mission. True alchemy, who’d have thought such a traumatic experience could be transformed into something so positive?!Throughly recommend if you have little ones that hate lateral flow tests or if you’re just in need of something to make you smile!



Leema is a wonderful author who brings this tough subject up to help parents through tough times. Nicely supported with illustrations



A wonderful read with fun characters. It has been a difficult time for children over covid and my kids haven’t felt comfortable doing lateral flow tests so this is such a beneficial book for all families.
A big thumbs up from my 9 and 7 year olds too.



This product is perfect for young children – it’s an engaging text with well thought through illustrations and high quality vocabulary used throughout! As a teacher , I can recommend this book to any young children who need to overcome the fear of LFD tests!



What a wonderful book for kids (adults will love it too) Catchy rhymes, wonderful story and great illustrations, will definitely recommend it to others.



I love it! The rhyming given to the words is so cleverly done, it makes the story come alive and makes it very enjoyable to read, lovely illustrations too!



‘The fantastic Flowbottoms’ is a fantastic read. I enjoyed every page. The illustrations are very colourful and amazing!! I believe this will take pain out of Covid-testing for children. I recommend this book to young readers and parents. Even as a twelve-year-old, I enjoyed it!!



Wonderfully written book…great concept and story…super fun for all…my kids loved it!



Lovely illustrations and a great story. Really helped my daughter who absolutely hated having her nose swabbed. Definitely recommend.