Giving Back

Royal Papworth Hospital

Evelina Children's Hospital

As a GP for the NHS, Leema has always been a strong believer in ‘giving back’ and so half of the proceeds from sales of ‘The Fantastic Flowbottoms’ will be donated to the Royal Papworth Charity.

To say this charity is very close to her heart is a huge understatement, as in February 2022 Leema’s father suffered a Heart Attack and, thanks to the East of England Ambulance Service, he was rushed to the Royal Papworth Hospital in Cambridge, where they quite literally saved his heart.

For this reason Leema and her family are forever indebted to the amazing staff at the hospital and so she hopes that the contributions from the book sales will go someway to helping others that end up in a similar situation.

Leema hopes you can all support this wonderful charity with her!

The Evelina Hospital gave Leema’s Son exceptional care in his younger years, from the entertaining phlebotomists and the kind hearted nurses to the world leading consultants who made his care there such a comforting experience.

She is using this opportunity to give back a little to them by donating a proportion of the proceeds from sales of her ‘Hana & The Hairy Bod Rapper’ books to the hospital.